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HISTORY of Black Jax Sports

So you're wondering where Black Jax Sports got started with all this fun LED stuff, huh?

It all began in 1999, when my brother and I found an old, rusty, flying disc mold in a stack of trash at my dad's manufacturing plant. After several trips to Radio Shack and playing with new LED technology and lithium batteries, we had finished creating our first light-up flying discs (aka light up frisbees).

To test our new creation, we waited till dark and lined up on separate sides of the street, hiding in the long stalks of corn in southern Maryland. We could see the headlights from about a mile out, coming down the straight road and we both wound up. "NOW!" was screamed as we both fired our new light-up discs across the street, in front of the passing car. SCREEEEEEEEEECH went the tires as the car came to an abrupt stop. The driver jumped out thinking he had seen a UFO and yelled,"I TOLD YOU THEY WERE REAL, I TOLD YOU BUT YOU NEVER BELIEVED ME!" At this point his girlfriend was standing through the sunroof of the car saying, "GET IN THE CAR, I BELIEVE YOU, I BELIEVE YOU!" As our lighted LED discs sat glowing in the tall corn, the driver jumped into his car and drove off. Vindicated, my brother and I jumped onto the clear street, gave a big high-five, and walked back to the house laughing about how much fun we just had.

We showed our "UFOs" to a few of our friends and it didn't take us long to realize that everyone would want to have this much fun too! So, we began to make plans for bringing this unique product to market. We started a company called Orby and introduced the World's First Super Bright LED Flying Discs to the world. We enjoyed some brief success, but then some people came along who decided knocking off our idea was the cool thing to do. They started making their own inferior version of our products with cheap fiber optic components...sadly, many of which you still see in stores today. So, we took a break.

We were determined to be the best, so we regrouped, assembled a killer team and devoted ourselves to developing our products to professional standards with extreme durability and unparalled performance. We re-entered the market in 2002 as Black Jax Sports and have been leading the industry in new product development ever since...introducing more WORLD'S FIRST LED Light-Ups such as Light-Up Disc Golf Discs (AXE™, MidKNIGHT™, PinDRAGON™), Light-Up Dog Discs (GROWLER™), Universal Disc Lights (AeroPOD™) and fun stuff like Light-Up Beach Balls (MoonSHINE™). Now, everyone is scrambling to catch up...they're still knocking us off, but we invite you to compare and decide for yourself.

OUR COMMITMENT to Quality LED Light Up Products

As night sports continue to grow in popularity, Black Jax Sports is here to make sure the fun continues under the moonlight. Our passion for developing fun products that are the BRIGHTEST IN THE GAME® is never ending. The big smiles we see on our customer's faces inspires us to forge on. We promise to keep amazing you with more quality products that work exactly the way you expect them to. Thanks for your support.

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