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Professional Ambidextrous Boomerangs by Black Jax Sports and Eric Darnell

No lights on this one, but this is the boomerang used by pros the worldwide.

Designed by Six Time WORLD BOOMERANG CHAMPION Eric Darnell, the PRO-PELLER™ Tri-Blade Boomerang has a patented ambidextrous design that makes it perfect for left or right handers. This is molded EXACTLY the same as Eric's Tri-Fly with the added benefit of molded instructions right on the blades (so you never lose 'em!).

• Left or Right Handed Patented Design
• Molded Throwing Instructions
• Easily Tunable
• Preferred by pros

Air Dancer Boomerangs by Eric DarnellProfessional Boomerangs, left-handed boomerangs, right-handed boomerangs
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